Every day mother threatens to kill me. We both know she won't. she doesn't want to do all the work that I do, but if I'm gone she'll have to. I never thought she would kill me, but tonight she stabbed me. She was waving her knife, shouting her usual threats, when the knife slipped out of her hand. I didn't even notice until I felt the warm blood pouring down my side. I am so tired now and light 
headed. I've been praying for this. For God to kill me. I was starting to think
there was no God. Was this him answering my prayer? Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll be
dead by morning.
12/16/2012 16:32:26

Stop complaining and come here. I'll clean it up and put some bandages on it. Later I'll get you something to eat and you can go to bed early. You'll be fine

12/16/2012 16:33:50

I don't understand? You're being so nice. Why?


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    David Plezer

    I'm the child called it. I feel as though no one cares about me. I don't know if any one will even read this, but here is my story.